Words by Haylee

With a passion for writing, I’ve been lucky enough to turn my hobby into a career.

In a society driven by the online world, you can’t afford to fall behind in producing alluring online content. As a full-time freelance writer and marketer, my passion is to get creative in an online environment, for small businesses to excel in our virtual world.

Throughout the past 3 years I’ve completed extensive freelance writing gigs, as well as creating content for social media, websites, newsletters and other marketing material. My journey as a freelancer has led me to industries and topics such as travel, weddings, small business, lifestyle, coffee, fashion and skincare.

I’ve grown as a writer through the experiences I’ve gained in my travels, though I’m also in my final semester of a double degree in Marketing and Journalism at University. My tertiary education has acquired me with the expertise, skills and knowledge required in today’s evolving media landscape.

I offer well researched, written and unique content for blogs and social media pages.

Feel free to shoot me a message through my ‘get in touch page’, and we can have a chat!

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