If not now, then when?

Or should I say why then and not now? My recent adventures have thrown the answer to these questions right in my face, and gratefully justified my habit of being quite impulsive. I sometimes jump right into the deep end without entirely thinking it over… I don’t mean spontaneous nights out – I mean booking [...]

A Mirrored World

When you first leave home, your hometown, family and friends farewell you with an identity that they have helped carve. One that is based on the limited experiences, ways of life and morals that you have been exposed to throughout your short life. No one tells you how that first step into a new city, [...]


When the bell rings and it’s your turn to take that leap of faith, the echoing sound of doubt is usually what follows soon after. As I’m sure you’re all aware, I took my leap of faith three weeks ago, and moved across the globe. You guessed it, the emotional goodbye to my loved ones [...]

Life’s New Chapter

I have days where I am so confident in that I’m on the right track, I know what I want to do, I know how to get there, I’m just paving out those next steps to do so. Though for quite some time I’ve known that those pavers aren’t getting laid anywhere near Brisbane – [...]


I lose a piece of me every time I find myself succumbed to the immediate forged feeling of weight being torn from my shoulders. Deemed a damsel in distress as you manipulate the belief that you are what I need to live; you are the reason I breath, you are my function, I am yours.

Time and My Life

Is it just me, or does every change, and every occurrence in our daily lives depend on time? It has befallen me that too often, every move I make, and everything I do depends on time. Not on my desire to do it, and not on my ability to do it either. …'If I study [...]

Why not?

Three months ago, over a bottle of sav, my darling best friend had the lightbulb idea that I should extend my overseas uni trip by a few weeks, to explore on my own. With a tipsy mind and the devil on my shoulder I thought, why not? Feeling all spontaneous, I booked a busabout, emailed [...]

Every cloud will pass

At the end of last year, I had what you could call… a bit of a moment. The best way to explain it? I would be smooth sailing on my own two feet, when clouds of nemesis would come rolling in; thrashing the boat and releasing the grip of hope from my hands. When the [...]