I’m a small town Australian girl that ventured to the city to gain a broader view on life. After meeting with diversity in the big city, it gave me restless feet that had me land on the other side of the world.

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My now open mind has given me a will to listen to every soul I pass. Every single person in this world has a story, and I love to hear how each and every chapter cultivates a person. You will hear of the lessons they’ve given me through the words and pictures featured on my blog.

But! This hasn’t always been me. Isn’t it mind-boggling how much life changes? And changes us? And dresses us layer upon layer into who we are? I mean, I’m only 24 years old yet I look back at all of the chapters I have enjoyed or struggled through and it seems comparable to another lifetime. It was a different me, another version. Yet I’m not even a quarter of the way through that book of life, and I can’t wait for the chapters the rest of my twenties will bring.

As humans, we all face similar spells of good fortune, and the rocky roads of struggle, though still so unique to ones’ self, I think we can all relate to each other, in some respect.

This blog is an archive of my travels, life lessons and experiences.

Whether you’re seeking validation, connectedness or in one way or another, an understanding, I hope my blog in a sense relates to what your twenties were, are, or will be.

– Haylee X


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