Lessons from my biggest transition

February 2012 marks the beginning of a series of significant life lessons, those that have shaped me; though I cannot find enough words to define them. In saying that, don’t expect this to be the one and only time you will hear of this adventure, as it is endless, and I’m still living it.


At eighteen I turned the page and embarked on a new chapter, leaving my hometown where I was far too comfortable, and moved to the city. On arrival I doubted my decision to move away, along with a fear of failure. I was not prepared for the road ahead. Many road blocks followed by many rewards.

What I did know however was that I would commence my double degree that June. It is a four-year degree which meant I would graduate by the age of twenty-two. My goals? To pack down a career in hotel management, do a bit of travel, meet my soul mate along the way, get engaged at 25, marry at 26 and boom! Babies at 28.

Dear my eighteen-year-old self… who were you kidding?

News flash, let’s take a re-cap – you had a run in with love just after classes began, which took you on a wild detour. You’ve changed your degree three times because you’re determined to hold a career that you can’t get enough of. Not to mention you still haven’t left the country because apparently money doesn’t grow on trees – go figure.

Though I have always wanted to write a blog, I’ve been hesitant to do so for quite some time. However, as of late I’ve had an epiphany of inspiration as to how to share the lessons of my twenties.

I’ve reckoned that every twenty something may relate to how their script didn’t exactly prove workable, and that the lessons endured along the way were valuable – meant to be, per se.

Breaking down walls that have kept me comfortable has contributed to the version of myself that I am today. I’ve discovered what I am capable of, leading to goals much higher than that of when I first left my hometown. I’ve waved goodbye to anything that has kept me stagnant, on a vow to keep moving forward.

I finally know what I want to graduate in (writing) – well considering my unfailing change of hobbies, for now I suppose. I’m finally content with taking on the world just me, myself and I, and that what will be, will be. Oh and I finally have a passport! First stop – Bali, for the big Twenty-Two.

The biggest realisation of all, our twenties should be unscripted, disregard expectations, do what keeps your mind satisfied, study what keeps your brain captivated, and love for as long as you live.

– Haylee x

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